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Re: Dino Event

Gabee wrote:Also, epona drop distribution is so bad, so please leave epona and play somewhere else. And if you say you are busy in school , that’s a good choice better than playing CH, but the better choice is go study your lessons instead of trolling forums.

I’m playing on multiple servers now, spreading out my ingame wealth so I can experience different environments, including Epona. I’ll play where I want to play, and nothing you say will ever change that. You may think you sound all cool and savage saying stuff like that, but to me it makes you look weak because you can’t work with people who have opposing views. I finished last semester with 16 credits worth of difficult classes with a 3.5gpa so I’m good tyvm.

Gabee wrote:I challenge you , to make a 220 toon in full dg on any server and kill dhino, before you say any word about the boss.

I challenge you to open your mind up a bit and look beyond a simple number. Everyone is allowed to have opinions regardless of where they stand. It’s not like I’m new to this game coming here to preach why Celtic Heroes needs autoplay, no I’ve been here for almost 8 years lol (8 years on February 2nd actually). I’ve learned a lot over the years and just because Dino was released after my time as an endgame player doesn’t mean I’m not allowed to have knowledge/opinions about it. And yes I was apart of beta testing so I know about all of the mechanics and the difficulty of Dino, although technically I was exposed to a more difficult version of Dino which I still found to be enjoyable because I love challenge. Not saying it was perfect, but I loved the idea they were going for.
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Re: Dino Event

Please always remember to be civil and to not direct your replies towards an individual and only the the topic of discussion.

I see a lot of gate-keeping and making up of superficial rules to dismiss opinions because they differ from other's. Everyone has the right to comment and participate in these discussions.

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