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Re: Wich server is the most new player friendly?

BrickLayer wrote:im trying to choose.

I know most people love to have nee players and encourage them to join their server, I can only speak from experience of my own server.

We are friendly to people, of course. My clan is the current endgame clan, we have a lot of people from the America and Europe and some from asia/australia. My server has a bit of competition from 1 clan, there are a couple smaller clans out there, the endgame clan is by far the largest though. My server is not for people that are very serious with the game so a lot of banter, we are tolerant and have a lot of casual players. I guess that's a bit of a general approach to introduce you to Herne
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Re: Wich server is the most new player friendly?

Good advice here. A set of questions that might be easier might be along the lines of:
What is the economy like? (general prices on chests, xp lixs, and tokens should give you a feel for it),
Open server or Dominant Clan based?
If Dom, single controlling clan or competetive?
If single clan, what bosses do they kill? (both highest downed and those regularly killed),
If competetive, at what level? (how high of bosses, is greifing historically problematic),
If Open server, how is the economy for early game items?
Are there helpful low-mid clans? (either Dom or Open server),

Some general class tidbits that I believe are relatively consistent across servers:
Druids are generally the least-played class. As they are primarily healers they can be relatively hard to level, but a fun caster class. Since they are the least-played class, Druid gear is generally easier to obtain for most of the game. If you like the class-type and can grind through the leveling (having people to level with is huge for Druids), you can have fun with it.
Rogues are generally the most-played class. Many are used primarily for locking bottleneck bosses especially on competitive servers, and they are fun to play and generally considered pretty easy to level. However, as they are the most-played, Rogue gear is generally much harder to obtain especially toward endgame. If you don't mind a frustrating amount of competition/expense for gear,
this is a lot of fun.
The other 3 classes seem to vary, but tend to fall somewhere in between the other 2. A general breakdown of them can be provided by most helpful people if needed, but these are the usual outliers to consider when picking a class.

A further caution: picking a class to be helpful for a clan is a great sentiment, but it often isn't practical to go about it in that order. Pick something you will enjoy on a server with a reputable environment (or a challenging one if you want), and then get to know the people. It's a bit dangerous to pledge loyalty to someone and volunteer to do a lot of extra work to get attain their ranks, risking the chance that they're kinda a bunch of jerks lol.

In other news, Lugh is fun ;)

Edit: might do well to answer my own questions lol
1 Dom clan that kills BT consistently, not yet killed Dhino. Varying competition from competing set of clans on up to Prot.
Could use more fire mages.
Don't really know how low-mid clans are doing currently, but in general, people try to be helpful, and most stuff up to mind tabs is pretty available.
Economy is meh. Chests for 60kish, hero xps 5-6k, pet tokens 30kish, mount tokens 65k and up. (some other Lughian that isn't as poor as I will probably have better approximations but this is a rough estimate).
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Re: Wich server is the most new player friendly?

SirSimon wrote:Belenus would be great Elementals is the strongest clan there. We would love new faces. Sylph is the feeder to elem.

Lol. Only if newer players love a very weak economy with overpriced items. Ronin has always been one of the stronger/persistent comp clans in the game (they’ve been pushing since like 2013 or 2014... whenever LivingLegends died I believe) so there is the competition if you like that. Ronin uses dkp, Elementals uses an old fashioned voting system still im pretty sure, neither are special clans, both have assholes in them (but which clan doesn’t). Pick your poison.

There are better new player friendly servers out there. I suggest you do some research on each one before making a choice to avoid ending up starting on a server only to find out it’s not the one for you. People always try to over glorify their servers and skip out on the negatives like a poor economy... so don’t take everyone’s word without doing some research of your own.
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Re: Wich server is the most new player friendly?

Mabon kills everything on spawn (even dino), the most efficiently done raids, and, prices are super cheap unless they're hastes.

DKP system where bt helms are voted on by leaders and so is dg but if you were to say "Hey thats not fair!" they would show they voted based off of activity and dkp.

Its a dom server with absolutely no competition against anything. Maybe the most competition would be stonefang. Like not even a mini clan that "tries" to win anything.

It has xtimur
they hate fire* mages so don't make one

They love ice mages though. They love them a lot. Be an ice mage. Just not the ice mage that bids on dino fire gear. Those mages are found in a gutter the next day.
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