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Account Conflict

Every time I try to log in I get an error that says account name is conflicted. Change required.

Not sure if I had the same name on both ios and android. That might be the issue. The account i played on was android and that is the one I would like recovered.

Username is [removed].

Re: Account Conflict

Hey there,

First off, I'd highly recommend taking your username out of your post - these are public forums after all, and you probably don't want people to know that account detail. You can edit your post here and remove it.

Secondly - you are absolutely correct. The account name conflict issue started when IOS and Android were merged in the big Cross Platform update a few years ago - any accounts with the same username on both Android and IOS became conflicted. If you send an email to Support@onethumbmobile.com, with the error and the account username that is conflicted, the support team will fix the issue for you. Note: it may take a few days before you hear back from Support, they tend to get backed up with requests, and since VR is such a small company, they don't work weekends. Because of those two factors, you may not hear back until Monday.

Good luck!
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