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Black desert mobile

Anyone played this yet, what do u think of it?
I'm actually disappointed. It's advertised as being larger than life graphics with a truly open world. While the detailing of the maps is super impressive, love the way npc's are walking around the city, but the actual graphics look like a water color painting which I personally dont like. Considering its advertised as a truly open world which I though meant an actual open world like skyrim on pc or something it's really just open areas and there not even that big. Idk what they look like later on in the game bc I was only at early stages before uninstalling it.

It'd be great if someone made a truly open world, something like perfect world mobile, how it has no loading screens but without the need to go to certain points to get to certain areas if u know what I mean. I think perfect world mobile is the closest thing we got to a real open world on mobile for now

Re: Black desert mobile

Kinda hard to make a true open world game on mobile that could meet the standards of Skyrim in terms of open world/graphics because of how limiting mobile is. Better off investing time into a console/pc open world game instead of facing the disappointment of mobile games. If you like Skyrim than the Witcher 3 I heard is a really good contender against Skyrim. I personally would recommend Dark Souls Remastered, and while the areas aren’t as big as Skyrim you definitely get an open world exploration feel (the game is no where near linear) as well as amazing combat mechanics (warning: the game is very difficult/rage inducing at times, should only be played by those who are worthy enough to take on such a challenge because it’ll really test you lol). Many many areas to explore and the only loading screen you get is when you die lmao.... oh the beautiful “YOU DIED” screen
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Re: Black desert mobile

A decent mobile open world RPG is Ark mobile.
Its basically an island you wake upon which is filled with dinosaurs and stuff. Have building and crafting mechanics too. Its fun tbh.
For PC try fallout 4, i personally think skyrim huge success is due to its modding community, game provided people platform and they modded the hell out of it lol. Fallout 4 is same but its in a post apocalyptic world and have 1000s of mods too because both game are from same devloper.
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