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Someone give me a light in warrior

i am a lv 100 warrior and i have money somewhere between 220k i am kinda lost in the game about what i should buy.
My gear is all quest and the weapon i use is a Skygem AXE 2H me and jeweels are skill raising rings and a finely crafted energy from regen, i was wondering where i should spend my money on a lv 100 off hand from lux shop or jeweels or something else

Re: Someone give me a light in warrior

I agree with mind, skip the 100lvl offhand and save for a 150lvl offhand. The damage difference between the golden blade and the lvl 100 isn't that much and isn't worth the price. I did this with both ma warrior and rogue.

Dont forget about sigils, honestly the best thing u can invest ya gold in imo. The games gunna get really hard when u hit about 150-160 if u dont have a decent amount of sigils. (not physically hard but mentally hard lol)

Re: Someone give me a light in warrior

Mind wrote:I'd recommend saving for 150 OH, but that all depends upon how quickly you get there and how much you'll farm on the way there.

I second this. If you are lacking gold like op is i would personally use 2h as its much cheaper than buying both main and offy. If gold isnt an issue then i would do both.
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