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Re: Quality of Life Improvements

Xsyklz wrote:Making 215 drop arcane runes should be considered part of quality of life changes.

Making players fight endlessly for desired items quest is not good game design.

Agreed. Making Snorri and edl (even weapons) drops much easier to acquire (think faster spawn rates and eliminate 4* unless they're going to have a guaranteed drop) is long overdue.

There are so many armour and weapon options beyond that level now, and so much of the game so many people have no chance to play simply because of the absurd bottleneck at edl. When that was the last armour and weapons sets in the game maybe it made sense to make players spend months and even a year or more working at completing EDL armour and weapons, but those days are long past and all the current system does now is frustrate people, stop them from any further progression in the game, and make them stop playing.

Re: Quality of Life Improvements

Would like to see auto cooking options 5m, 10m 15m
Also remove the spawn window from tower cooking bosses please
And add an ingredient trade shop (tower bosses) or change the requirements for the tower recipes.

Skill reworking like giive storm touch some distance etc

Also would be nice to get this all bounty's away

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Re: Quality of Life Improvements

I would really like the addition of an actual clan bank. It honestly seems almost like new content to me considering how much it could change. I'm sure there's already an in depth thread on it so I'll just highlight some general points. The bank can be accessed anytime by anyone with "clearance". You could toggle what gear certain levels of players can see and who can remove gear, what rank, maybe even an option for who can deposit gear. Keep a log of who removed or added what when, and have an option to put notes either on the gear which would open beside, or have the notes to your clan mates separately or have both. Limits on how many notes every clan member gets, and a spot for people to answer the note.

There's even more you could add for clan banks as long as it's well thought out I would really like any clan bank addition. It might also be useful to add another rank, I think there might be another slot to fill/role in a clan it would be useful to give a rank to. Between clansman and Guardian I think.

Clan banks is just one of the improvements making skills more viable, improving the drop system (at some stages of the game) and also making the world more engaging either through crafting or more and better quests are all things I'd like to see but banks is one of the more straight forward additions I'm hoping to see.

Re: Quality of Life Improvements

This is a repost, but I still wish it was possible. It would be so useful!

Wish it was possible to add customized titles to what clan members see like they currently see Chieftan, General, Guardian, etc. For example, Mage Banker, Ranger General, Co-Chieftan, Recruit Liaison, etc.

It would safeguard against unnecessary problems if only the Chieftan could create and add/change these unique titles, but could be both a useful organization and clan communication tool, as well as a fun, playful little bonding opportunity (ie: Highest DPS Rogue, Birthday Boy, Best Boss Attendance, BT BFF, etc.)

Re: Quality of Life Improvements

The game is perfect, no need to add anything or update something. I love Celtic Heroes being simple, unique and nostalgic. If you keep updating Celtic Heroes, the installed size will not fit for a mobile game. I like Celtic Heroes because its only 1gb files. Just focus everything to Warhammer Odyssey and make it the next G.O.A.T game.
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Re: Quality of Life Improvements

LadyNymeria wrote:Any chance any of these are still being implemented?


I’m pretty sure they said they’d be removing aggro penalties for tanks levelling past 220 too .-. So yeah they didn’t completely fix that too.
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    Re: Quality of Life Improvements

    LadyNymeria wrote:Any chance any of these are still being implemented?


    No to the first one. Spam mail in an effective tactic to use against frienemies. Had fun with that in the past lmao
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