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I hit rank 16 on pvp(Pro Tection) and I should be either first or second in pvp on fingal. That was about 3 days ago and I'm already halfway to rank 17 but the leaderboards aren't processing it. It took me months of grinding to reach it and I'd really appreciate it if I could have the right place. ;-;

Re: Leaderboards

Seasalty123 wrote:It wont update until you've hit half way is what Ive heard. Also VR needs to remove the hacker people who are rank 96 and the other impossible ranks. But I don't expect any action to be taken there.

That is so stupid, it won't update until you're halfway? Why? I hit the rank and I'm about 4/10 through it lol it was my last accomplishment on there server before I xferred and now I sold most of my gear like that's so ridiculous

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