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Best Dps gear without high tier boss loot.

Hello fellow rogues.

I am unaware on how active this forum is now but i have a question for the most knowledgeable rogues or even from rogues with experience of what jewellery they used before they got their desired endgame loot.

My question is what is the best dps rogue gear i can get at lvl 210 even though my clan doesnt have the fire power to kill the high end tier bosses yet. The only boss we can win lock battles at at the moment is hrung. The gear pieces i am mostly looking at are bracelets and misc items but any other recommendations will always be helpful as well :)

Thanks in advance. :)

Re: Best Dps gear without high tier boss loot.

I’d recommend
Runic ammy (heat damage)
Valour rings (if you don’t have access to necro dagger rings)
Prot attack braces and or ingen if killing prot and gele, if not, hrung braces can good for now
Tower divine damage ring
Elemental misc or qs recast misc from lvl 200 smolach
Runic haste ring or reaper ring

Dag wise
Having edl weps is good if don’t have then embossed dag or tower dags good

Full edl is recommended or occult if have

Also. Go read toothpicks guard for dps rogues and be will explain hot swapping that give other suggestions to make you stronger.
Hope this helps

Re: Best Dps gear without high tier boss loot.

Hrungnir can drop some decent attack and heat damage bracelets so that's a good start but if you have that extra cash then lifeless reaver bracelets aren't too bad imo.
As for misc they can be pretty hard to come by if your clan can't kill some higher tier legacy bosses but a fairly easy one to kill is a 175 sunclaw that can drop between majestic and godly and could get lucky with a Sunfire charms adding between70-100 elemental damage. But if your clan can manage to get some decent mages then a 200/6 emberdrake can drop some cool recast miscs too.
Hope that helped

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Re: Best Dps gear without high tier boss loot.

Get your clan to try and look at mord pit/bolg room to catch legacy 5* spawns to kill, chance to get some of these drops is better than none.
As for gear, I wud recommend:

Neck: Runic valour ammy
Misc: Gara/Skain attack charm or emberdrake recast charm (5* legacy kills and drop if you're lucky enough, they aren't common lol), or synak dmg misc
Braces: Hrung braces (attack, heat dmg, cunning variant), Prot attack braces/Gele ingen brace (if they are in AH somehow)
Rings: Runic valour rings, Necro dagger rings (if they are in AH somehow)

Another thing for ring is to level from 210 to 215/220 and gather a team to down the ring bosses as much as you can. They give drops that goes towards quest that gives/upgrades the divine dmg ring. It is OP for chaos bosses.

PS: get urself a reaper if you're rich enough, it's insane.
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