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Re: Global Castle feedback

I gotta be honest. I'm a little sick of the castle now. After 10 minutes the lag just hits harder and harder. I can't send messages in clan chat or group chat that are longer than 8 characters. Buttons on my keyboard show up slower than what I am typing. It's not good right now. The AH is still barely usable and takes 10 minutes for me to search for specific things.

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Re: Global Castle feedback

For those with lag may be helpful to provide some specs for the discussion.
-) what device you are using
-) what in game graphics setting
-) lag delay in seconds

For example:
Device: iPhone X
Graphics: maxed graphics
Lag: none
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Re: Global Castle feedback

Thats nice Bob, but still I would my graphic settings to work in all areas. Sucks to have to change settings for one particular area (and graphic settings wont fix the spam anyways)

I am using IphoneX and Ipad 5. Used to have max graphic settings but pets set to mine.
Been running like a clock at gele, bt etc. Castle I have to set all to lowest to be able to move.

Re: Global Castle feedback

The logging issue in castle is back with a vengeance!!

Went to do bounty on my mage. Got disconnected in castle. Now it’s stuck.

Device - iPhone 7
Graphics set to standard.
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Re: Global Castle feedback

I understand yours idea guys about global castle but amount of spam is awful. We dont need and want see what other servers want to buy or etc. Arena was great płace for Global.
And impossible to open mail and auction house. Auction house was slow in past. Now is dead.
When you improve auction house with longer auction times up to 30 days. And take all from mails? Thats have more value than global castle with spam and lag.
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Re: Global Castle feedback

This doesn't appear to be working out right now. Maybe the server just isn't strong enough or the devices aren't. Likely it's both. But a lot of people are getting boss fatigue. So many resets and raid calls. It's a lot. And for those of us with DKP systems. Yay we earn more points with our clans, but this is A LOT of noting to do for the clans. A lot of resources being thrown into the drain to beat the clock before the next reset. I think we should revisit a new global area in the future, but it's not worth it right now.

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