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Re: Tokens

rameyrat wrote:Or just add any new fashion to the vendor and make the tokens worth something again, at the very least.

Add new fash. Ok, that’s 1 set of pink tokens down, 500 to go. And what if you don’t like the fash? The tokens will still be worthless to you. Chests (that are paid for with money and/or time) should never give something that a player might find useless.

There’s nothing else that comes up in cheats where someone might say “this is an absolute waste”. Idols, can resell. Expansion, can resell. Yellow glove token....sits in back forever.

Make chests great again
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Re: Tokens


Fashion tokens and aeon merge never should have happened. The fashion vendor should've never happened. All those sets in the vendor should have been released as seasonal content and obtained only by opening seasonal mystery chests, like how it used to be.

Separate aeon from seasonal chests, or remove aeon entirely.

Remove fashion tokens from chests entirely.

Continue to release a new seasonal fashion set with every new chest launch.
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