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Hello there. I recently started a new account on Taranis named LarrytheLobster. I was pretty bored so I went to Farcrag and started dancing. That was when I realized why dance for free when people will pay to see me dance. I charged them 10 gold and it worked. So now im an odd job man. I provide services for anyone who needs them. For a price of course. Idk why I made this post. Anyways if anyone needs an oddjob completed im your man. Also I hate Germans dont contact me. One last thing I duel for gold but you must be 10 levels above or below me

Re: Services

You hate that Germans don't contact you? Have you tried reaching out to some Germans? Perhaps they would contact you more often if you initiated some discourse, a little back and forth, ya know?

Anyway, sorry about your lack of contact with a very specific populace, I hope you find some German companionship eventually.

About the odd jobs, we always need more crops on the market. You can make quite a lot of gold pulling up wheat/lentils/barley/oats from highshore village and selling on auction house. More than dancing in the castle, I suppose.

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