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Ruby Skull Pendant

Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone has seen a character using a ruby skull pendant on their servers. I think it was from Halloween 2011 and at the time was an astronomical amount of money (500k if I’m not mistaken). If I remember correctly, the pendant gave 20% XP bonus. I’m curious if there are still any of them out there as I don’t think I’ve seen any in Belenus and I’m starting to believe they’re extinct. Thanks!

Re: Ruby Skull Pendant

There are some crappy ruby pendants on my server, but only one ruby knowledge pendant. It's pretty much priceless, so if somebody didn't try to break the ToS and sell for cash, then it would cost tens of millions in game. But I'm more interested in the ruby wisdom pendant which I don't think exists on my server. I think that one is more practical to use unless you want to level 20 different alts.

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Re: Ruby Skull Pendant

Ok, story time with fury time.

So yes, the pendents were sold, but they also could drop from the bone giant. And now that legacy brought back the bone giant, they can drop again. Silver/gold/ruby tiers, but knowledge and wisdom pendents were removed from the drop tables. The knowledge and wisdom pendents DONT stack with lix, therefore they are basically worthless, anyone who tries to tell you otherwise is misinformed or trying to up the price.

There are some ruby skull xps and wisdoms on lugh, but inactive. I have owned a ruby skull fire resist and magic resist, but sold them. I currently own what I feel is the best ruby skull pendent, the 20 damage cloak one.
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