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Re: Clans in Lugh that Dice

Kodality wrote:
xGAYLORDx wrote:
Kodality wrote:
Can you guys specifiy the amount of bosses you killed, dg created, and edl weps please so xfers have an idea

we've killed prot prime and necro (we haven't wiped on necro once, as we don't start without the appropriate amount of players) before, but dont do so on a regular basis (starting from when alliance started dicing). We've killed hrung atleast 4 times that i'm aware of, probably abit more as those are only the ones i have been at.
We reguarly kill and compete on dls and edls, however im not sure if anyone records the amount of x created due to the dicing distribution and people being largely independent.
I know in outlaw we've been directly involved in atleast 4 new dl sets, and a similar amount of dl weps. Im not sure about alliance or any other clan thats involved in dicing.
About the "griefing you've been seeing alot", could you provide a specific example or any evidence, and your char name/s on lugh so we can determine whether you are a credible source (you're clearly not a low lvl xfer, as you wouldn't have seen any griefing in that event, as all the supposed incidents of "griefing" ive heard about were at necro or at 210/15)

The birdie told me u wiped on mordy 75% what do u have to say about that

I'll have to say your use of punctuation is atrocious. Are you asking a question or are you making a statement?
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