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Transferring Back to Epona!

Hello Lugh,

I haven't played Celtic Heroes in months or maybe closer to a year now and wanting to get back into things. I used to play on Epona and before I left, I transferred everything to Lugh because I though the change would be good. Turns out I know no one on Lugh and its been months since I played and wanting to transfer items back to Epona! Here are some items I am Transferring (doesn't have to be exact item willing to take chests or other Epona items thanks for your time).

Item List:
Resurrection Idol x14,846
Restoration Potion x15,728
Super Energy Potion x359

Super Combination Elixir x111
Super Elixir of Knowledge x207
Heroic Traveling Elixir x348
Heroic Elixir of Wisdom x415
Heroic Elixir of Regeneration x457
Heroic Elixir of Energization x240

Pet Token x1

Spectral Ring of the Huntsman
Icecrystal Brooch of the Spark
Wyldshrine Amulet of the Mountain - (150STR/150VIT/1000HEALTH)
Wyldshrine Bracelet of the Mountain - (100VIT/500DEF/300HEALTH)
Wyldshrine Bracelet of the Sun - (100STR/500ATT/300HEATH)
Wyldshrine Ring of the Zephyr - (60DEX/60FOC/400ENERGY)
Wyldshrine Ring of the River - (60FOC/60VIT/400HEALTH)
Wyldshrine Ring of the Mountain - (60STR/60VIT/200DEF)

Weapons :
Focus if the Seer
Void Grimoire of Health
Dark Grimoire of Flame
Freezing Axe of Triumph

Skeleton King Charm
White Huntmasters Mask
Sparkling Platinum Glenmor Wig
White Faewynd Tunic/Leggings/Enchanted Boots
Black Faewynd Tunic/Leggings/Gloves/Enchanted Boots
Black Spidersilk Top/Legs/Gloves/Boots
Black Sanghal Wig x2

Re: Transferring Back to Epona!

Interested in sparkling platinum wig. I have a bunch of lix (xp, haste, attack all the usual ones) and a bit of gold on Epona.

How much do you want for it?

Hmu on here or wechat if you have it. Wechat is indi0117
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Pegasus, Lugh
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