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Graphic problems

In murky there some spot that it so dark that it just a black texture. Also in castle kinda dark and gloomy by auction house.

Sometime when when I’m in the login page where you look at your character the grass tends to have weird texture.

Also Arcanr floor has a weird texture too.



Re: Graphic problems

The new dark look and frame rate is hurting my eyes. I refuse to buy the platinums I was gonna buy if this is how it's going to be, Because I can't play for long.

Also, when I use shadowstrike the clan chat disappears, that still hasn't been fixed. So I have to keep selecting chat again in the middle of a boss fight, really annoying.

The clan list is all over the place and disorganised. How did this happen?

I use Samsung S7, it's a good phone.

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