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Mage 3rd Party Groups

Hey everyone, for those of you who don’t know, we have two 3rd party mage groups for anyone who would be interested in joining. You don’t need to be a mage to join!
The groups offer a more direct and engaging way of discussing topics than the forums sometimes allow and also allow for the general improvement in communication expierenced over 3rd party communication apps.

The two groups are on two different communication groups.
The first is a band group, Celtic Heroes Mage Guild creates by Bridgette with me as it’s current Admin.
Hey, join our 'Celtic Heroes Mage Guild' group on BAND - The app for groups and communities!
If this link dies, the permanent link is:

The second group is on line.

Both groups are great at answering questions and engaging in fun discussions.
Disclaimer: these groups do not function as forums and are not useful for pushing for changes to the game or getting VR’s attention. The forums are still necessary for this aspect.
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Re: Mage 3rd Party Groups

Legolas1234 wrote:
Furyion wrote:There's also a CH discord, with class sections, if you want to reach me, or other mages.
Discord: https://discord.gg/hFf3csV

Can you resend inv link please, its expired

Yep! Sorry about that, had to change the locks a while ago.
(also updated above link to match, for future people)
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