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[Concluded] Bonus Bounties Weekend!

Hello Heroes!

Starting Friday, the daily bounties limit will be increased to 5 free bounties, and up 10 additional bounty quests using Bounty Pledges. If you have been saving your tokens for that new mount or fashion item, this is your chance to meet your goal, or obtain it faster than expected!

Details are listed below:

Start Date: Friday, September 28th at 11 AM BKK (Thursday Sept 27th 9 PM PDT)
End Date: Tuesday, October 2nd at 11 AM BKK (Monday Oct. 1st, 9 PM PDT)
Free Daily Bounty Limit: Increased to 5!
Daily Bounty Pledge Limit: Increased to 10!

We hope to see you in game this weekend making Robert the Bruised pull in some overtime!

Re: Bonus Bounties Weekend!

We're extending the Bonus Bounties Weekend 1 more day!

We identified an issue where several players were not able to take advantage of the increase in bounties until the server reset. As compensation, we will be extending the event for 24 hours.

Go get those bounty tokens!

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