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@ All Mages, Some Mage Groups you may want to look into :)

Hey everyone :-)
As many of you know there are multiple third party mage groups out there for discussing the game. While the forums is amazing and at times needed, it functions better as a posting board for long discussions for organized threads and loses its value when it comes to conversing and smaller questions. This is where 3rd party application groups can thrive, and as such I wanted to do a little PR and bring some attention to two of them.

The first one is the Celtic Heroes Mage Guild group which can be found on the app Band.
Group url https://band.us/@celticheroesmages
This group has a great community that is really active at providing feedback. The community is based on pretty much every server and constitutes a massive library of knowledge waiting to be tapped! The group has 131 members at the moment but is always looking for more. Whether you need to ask a question, want to share some hidden gems, or you just want to overlook we'd love to have you join :-)

The second group is a new group on line called Celtic Mages
Group url http://line.me/R/ti/g/b5KHvhGoba
This group is much newer, established only last week. It only has 12 members at the moment but continues to grow every day. It functions very similar to band but is more of a chat group than an accumulation of topics and discussions. If you want a quick response without a lengthy discussion this is a good place to go for it. With Krumz and I in the group though don't be surprised when we bog you down with formulas and equations though ;)

I'm not trying to take away from the forums. The forums is a great place for everyone to come and discuss big ticket topics as well as to get the attention of OTM. Although the forums is amazing it doesn't operate well as a place to get quick answers or to have small back and forth chatter, and as such 3rd party apps have come in to fill that gap.
I look forward to seeing more of you join our 3rd party groups :D If you have any questions feel free to PM me and I'll help as best as I can!
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