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Re: Thank you Muldar

If this all true I want to say how sorry I am that you have possibly lost a job. You were always very helpful and very professional. I wish you all the best!
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Re: Thank you Muldar

Thank you for everything you have done Muldar. You will be missed greatly and were my favorite.
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Re: Thank you Muldar

Thanks for all you have done through the years! You have been kind, thoughtful, and professional, and I can't imagine anybody doing the job you have done every day putting up with all of us and our shenanigans! Bless you and keep you!
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Re: Thank you Muldar

In all those years I've played ch, I haven't seen a better and more active member of OTM than you Muldar. We respect and love you and we are greatful for all you've done for our community. Thank you!
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Re: Thank you Muldar

Bitey wrote:
ShadowKnight wrote:I understand that the new set up is in Thailand but maybe allow him to work remote? He will be greatly missed in the community and I think it's safe to say this game wont be the same without him.


They don’t allow remote workers. I’ve asked about that recently.
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