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Xfering these from arawn to epona. Will accept gold, chests or a like for like trade to epona. Will be using epona prices on items as arawn does not have a market for these items. Will be using a trusted middleman

- godly sureshot charm (200 attack 100 str 810 direct sharpshot damage)
- Godly oblivion (100 str 100 vit 1000 bow ability)
- Godly necro brace of doubleshot (30% cd 500 health energy)
- Godly mord brace of sharpshot (500 ranged combat +10 sharpshot 510 direct damage)
- Godly crimson core brace (180 dex 140 vit 900 attack)
- Imperial cruel barbs brace (550 bow +9 barbed +9 sharpen 165 heat)
- Imperial oblivion (90 str 90 vit 900 bow)
- Imperial argent blade brace (165 str 135 dex 825 attack)
- Imperial steady aim ring (+9 steady 140 dex)
- Royal frost charm (80 cold)
- Royal sharpen weaps ring (+8 sharpen 130 dex)
- Skain bloodthorn set
- Runic ammy of valour

There is more that il have to log and find. A few things may be slightly off cause its off of memory.
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