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Game Size

Is there anyway OTM can decrease the game size? I'm worried Corrupted Gardens will take a lot more storage. Right now, Celtic Heroes is at 1.76 GB...will it take 2GB with the next update?

Additionally, I'd like to know if the new update will exclude certain phones and ipads. Is it time to upgrade?
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Re: Game Size

I seem to not worry about upgrading phones since the game runs lagless on my iPhone 5
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Re: Game Size

Game size is something we are always cautious of when adding new content.
Due to the scale of the game it will always be a large file but we ensure with every update that new files are as small as possible.
this might be something we have to review in future, see what can be removed to ease the download size.

With the new update I would say anything 512Mb of ram will suffer, possibly be excluded.
Nothing official yet but we may have to state they are unsupported going forward considering the age of the devices.
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Re: Game Size

If you have an older device it is probably best not to update the OS to the more recent versions. The newer OS dramatically reduce the performance of older devices it seems i.e. iPhone 5 running iOS 9 performs far better than iPhone 5 running iOS 10 or 11.
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