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NO PROFIT!!!!!!!!!

player: Omnious (chief)
class: warrior
world: mabon
clan: DeadricOrder
lvl: 40

i just want to say that i dislike the amount of money you make when u sell items to merchants for instance, i bought a falcon for
around 925 gold and i decided to eventually sell the weapon but the merchants only were willing to go for 32 lousy gold. i really wish
that admin would fix this problem and hopefully make weapons sell at least half there original value i have tons of weapons to sell and no one really in my world wants to buy. anyone else who agrees w me please leave a comment
thank you.
Name: Omnious
world: mabon
clan: chief of SonsofSwords

Re: NO PROFIT!!!!!!!!!

I agree with the Athos, in the sense that, if you got 50% of the vendor price, finding gold would become a non-issue.
Just from basic items dropped by low level mobs, people would be getting so much money, so quickly, that by level 20 they would be able to purchase a full set of the best vendor sold equipment.
Plus, since there would be so much more gold floating around, the games economy would change to reflect people having more gold. In that case, either people will start charging more gold for trades or people will only trade items for items because gold will have lost both it's real and perceived value.
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Re: NO PROFIT!!!!!!!!!

10% seems fair to me. I usually save up for my first purchase being a 925 gold weapon, eventually i'll find a replacement and give it away because it's hardly worth selling.
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Re: NO PROFIT!!!!!!!!!

I support this thread as its painstakingly hard to earn any money at all. My friend has been through 4 different accoutns and has everyone in the level ranges of 40-50 and STILL doesn't have enough for the Chieftan helm. I understand its rarity but this guy has spend days on end grinding as many others have and the pay out just isn't what it should be. 10% would be great. There's always the potential for territory wars in the future - and captured towns could offer a 25% rate. Just a quick suggestion. For now, 10% sounds fair.

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