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Re: Please tell me about Fingal :)

dawnrazor wrote:There are some cool, funny and lovely folks in fingal too, just need to find them is all :)

That is true! Fact is there's competition and some don't compete or play well with others.

Some don't like rules. Some like rules to keep order. There's massive age variances as well.
Humans as a rule don't all get along. Find the ones you like and stick with them!

Re: Please tell me about Fingal :)

Ahhhh is also worth noting that some clans sell lix tokens etc internally for half the prices that are on the open market. I'll sell to those the I know are using them to level up - not to make a quick profit off me! Which means I sell to my clannies mostly as I trust them.
I don't even look at the ah anymore so overpriced.

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