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Beautiful People of Arawn


Many know me on the server of Arawn as Gaiboi. (Heyy Baes) and my many other crazy long Bontanical Latin named Alts (after orchids of course).

We have such a wonderful world full of amazing players! Both in my clans.... and in the competition clans... even randoms running around (some of you are Loco) Due to the recent outbursts and “Drama” related problems our server seems to be having (No idea why as you are all okay in your own way) - Except a couple. I don’t like you at all and you know who you are so bye Felecia...

I would like to extend my hand to each and everyone of you. As an ear. As a friend. Or even as someone to just have a chat with. I pride myself in having fairly decent relations with most people in Arawn and hope to keep it that way. Lets talk! Come to a compromise. Even just shout out your issues to me to make everyone feel better... you can find me online almost everyday. If you would like you can also join Celtic Hero’s Friends band page (the one with the white Lugh mask) and chat with me there.

Looking forward to seeing your smiling toons running around. Let’s keep this game friendly and fun! No more hard feelings, no more jealousy.

Mini competition! Whoever physically finds my Alt Cattleya online first in the next few days gets 10 free EXP lixs!

Kindest and warmest regards from your friend,

Arawn - General of Resurgence

Gaiboi - Full DG Druid level 221
Paphiopedilum - DL Lock Rogue level 190
Pleurothallis - Mage level 189
Masdevallia - Warrior level 189
Bulbophyllum - Rogue level 99

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