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Re: New Year, New You Competition!

Good Morning and Happy New Year!

My New Years resolution is to get more active in my community. Such as starting a Community Garden and possibly getting involved with the town council... but politics.... hehe


Arawn - General of Resurgence

Gaiboi - Full DG Druid level 221
Paphiopedilum - DL Lock Rogue level 190
Pleurothallis - Mage level 189
Masdevallia - Warrior level 189
Bulbophyllum - Rogue level 99

Re: New Year, New You Competition!

Magimee, Lvl 233 Fire Mage, Crom
My New Years resolution is to get more old friends that I miss so much, to come back to play CH when corrupted garden comes out! And I hope I can finally hit level 234 before 2018 ends!
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Crom, Seed
Magimee Lvl 234 Fire mage
MagiMiniature Lvl 213 Rogue
IMagiNation Lvl 213 Ranger
Magimeetoo Lvl 138 Druid
MagiMinotaur Lvl 50+- Warrior

Re: New Year, New You Competition!

New Year Resolution: Break the resolution system

Character: Glenry Mathias (Warden of the North, House Baratheon, Lord of everything)

World: Fingal

That's me in the green Samurai costume, wrecking havoc.
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Re: New Year, New You Competition!

This year's resolution is praying for the oppressed people of Iran and hope that they can get rid of our corrupt government and bring Persians back to our prideful roots.

Demon Blade - CROM
CROM - Seed
Demon Blade - 221 Rogue - 180 Fishing
Dragon Bane - 220 Warrior
Celtic Lord - 216 Druid
Demon Lord - 205 Mage
Ancient Demon - 182 Ranger

Re: New Year, New You Competition!

Resolution 2018
Never be the nail, always be the hammer.

Stormy Night

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Edited for name and world
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Dual spec
Increase buff timers and change to group buffs
/anon /afk commands
Revamp the skill system
Group leader / group commands
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Re: New Year, New You Competition!

My New Year's resolution is to be more positive and less sarcastic...
Like i wont screw that up right away.

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toon: BlinkDagger (full meteoric set)
class: rogue ( lvl. 193 )
server: Donn

Just waiting for server transfer update...

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