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Ranger Stats Reset

So i'm planning on resetting my Lvl. 96 Ranger. I'm not sure if i'm currently Dex or Hybrid build, because i want to switch to Strength Ranger when i'll acquire both books of Alteration and Rebirth.

These are my current stats (Hybrid build, probably):
- Strength: 103 (115)
- Dexterity: 194 (221)
- Focus: 10 (47)
- Vitality: 198 (200)

What's the most decent ratio? I asked a few veteran rangers in-game. One said to do a 3:2 ratio on Str/Vit, while another one said to switch my 1:2:2 ratio of Str/Dex/Vit to 2:1:2 respectively, but i'm still not sure.

Your help will be most appreciated.
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