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Weekend slightly overloaded.

On Nuada we really enjoyed this event however, as some general feedback for the future, perhaps spread the carrow carnage event over two weekends, one with legacies the other with increased dragonlord, both at the same time is TOO much and caused massive burn out.
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Re: Weekend slightly overloaded.

Muldar wrote:Thanks for the feedback.

Myself and Design were just discussing spawn times, looks like the majority of feedback was positive but that due to the number it was a bit demanding.

We will keep it in mind for future mini events.

I'm actually a big fan of the event the way it was, there was always something to do in Carrow. If anything, the DL bosses were a bit overwhelming in the frequency, so maybe a different change could be made in a future event, for example, every spawn being Mini / RD and spawn time halved or reduced.

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Re: Weekend slightly overloaded.

This weekend was AWESOME!

I would suggest that rather than setting the legacy bosses on set timers at set locations, maybe randomize them. Make them spawn at any of the locations, and make them spawn more randomly. Beyond that... the was the funnest event in all the time I've played CH. It was intense. People did not sleep, it was go go go go all weekend long and I am pretty tired. I also saw people logging in who I have not seen in a long time. I think it would be cool to include some of the lower and mid levels as well. Only the end game clans could participate. I did help some of the up and coming clans kill a few ymir but those drops are not nearly as good as the 160 and 60 drops from the more recent events. All considered though, it was a blast!

Thanks OTM
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