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Ranger Advice?

I'm a level 138 Ranger and I'm really frustrated with the slow grind. Not many good quests right now. Anyone have a great way to level past 138 ((other than LIXING!!!! lol )). I rode the Razorclaw quest for like 10 levels and that was great!!!. Anyone have any other good hacks/quests for a level 138 Ranger??? Or am I just doomed to kill little Boggans at 2k xp a piece?
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Re: Ranger Advice?

I liked leveling on boggans. I always made lots of gold there. But if it's slow, try leveling with another person or two to speed up the kills. You'll be sharing the drops and XP but you'll kill faster which means you'll be able to kill more. And if you can find a druid to level with, all the better. I know it's easy to get into a bit of trouble in those rooms if you bump into too many at once.

Re: Ranger Advice?

You could also try being a little more ambitious and head to the caves and kill the 3 and 4* mobs, for 6k and 8k xp per kill instead. If you struggle with these currently, then I would suggest a book of alt and put points in camouflage and bolas. For me, I find these 2 skills essential for solo leveling.
Don't forget the daily gladiator quest in the arena. That's good for almost 110k xp.
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Re: Ranger Advice?

Bogganses are the way forward. Good gold, decent Xp and they drop bone shards. I know it can get a little monotonous but hey you're a ranger! Try target practice with the farm animals in Lirs or bolaring random noobs! Oh and do your bounties :)-

Re: Ranger Advice?

Best ranger advice I can give is switch to mage or rogue. You will thank me later, and someday you will give this same advice to an aspiring young ranger.
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Re: Ranger Advice?

Serethem wrote:Best ranger advice I can give is switch to mage or rogue. You will thank me later, and someday you will give this same advice to an aspiring young ranger.

But ur noob ranger that's y
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Re: Ranger Advice?

Wrong section first of all, someone move this to rangers. Secondly rangers are undeniably the most boring and total grind when it comes to lixing, there's just no way around it. I suggest u group with a mage. Things will be better once your endgame and start bossing where this class truly shines.
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Re: Ranger Advice?

Adrohan is right. For most people rangers are without a doubt the most boring class to level and they rival druids as the worst class to level. However i enjoyed leveling my ranger more than my mage rogue or warrior. Dont really know why lol. Just found it better than the rest

Whilst rangers are one of the hardest classes to level, there is the most upside of all classes once you reach end game level imo. They are raid boss powerhouses and quite often you will find that rangers get the kills over rogues and mages and any dps warriors. Definately worth it to stick it out as a ranger.

Like what others have mentioned in this thread, look for a group to level with and venture into the boggan caves where you gain much better exp than the weaker noghans through the tunnels.

Similarly, if you work your way through the otherworld quest chain you will eventually come to a repeatable quest where you must kill a bridge sentinel. This can be done in groups and is quite easy and fast. The mob has a fairly quick respawn so you can grind out levels with friends there until the exp starts to drop off if you enkoy it there. There is also bounties and arena quest that you can do each day for that bit of extra exp
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Re: Ranger Advice?

How are rangers the hardest to level? I’m about to start a ranger but now I’m scared lol
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