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Re: Revival Chests

Dark Times wrote:
Agent K wrote:Are you kidding me?
Why did you even place the chests?
Based on feedback also?
Chests were up for like 9hrs even half the world is sleeping and doesn't know jack about them.
If you honestly care about feedback why did you even place them to piss off your players more!
Make us some good content or bring the old ones back up because the current updates are just screwing up the game more, for the last 1 year I didn't see any intresting update, if it wasn't for the awesome clan and friends I wouldn't be playing this game.

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Stop shouting out OTM doesnt care about their players, they thought they were making their players happy with these chests and were able to observe through player feedback that we did not want them.
Stop complaining for once

This is why games do closed betas. To avoid massive outrage at content brought out instantly with no player feedback prior to live release.
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Re: Revival Chests

Bucket Mcpail wrote:I'm glad I didn't spend any money on plat. I would have if new chests stayed available. Seriously to the folks that want to keep there fashion rare, with the amount of different fashion,colors and mounts for all past events, I think your uniqueness will still be solid.

I used to own one of the only two black spec on server, now there are two more, in under 12 hours, also quite a few more black spirits.
Uniqueness would not have stayed solid i guarantee it

Re: Revival Chests

Dark Times wrote:And I have the right to tell you that your complaint is unfair as they made this decision following costumer feedback

People who are happy with something rarely write in to forums saying how great everything is. So the initial feedback was obviously going to be negative biased.
No OTM have announced pulling the chests temporarily to review things, we are now seeing the people who are happy about the chests giving there equally valid feedback.
Just because it contradicts your viewpoint and circumstance doesn't make it less valid or fair.
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Re: Revival Chests

Dark Times wrote:
Agent K wrote:
Dark Times wrote:And I have the right to tell you that your complaint is unfair as they made this decision following costumer feedback

You are no one to talk about my complain because it was never directed to you, as a player I have to input my opinion and I'm not staying silent

It may not have been directed to me but I can very well defend OTM because I appreciate they cared about fash hoarders and loyal players. You are just grumpy you were asleep during the fun.

Mate listen up, android didn't have that fashion to begin with, it's like some new to us, I could count the FG, L, Hunt pieces with my right hand, it's a new thing for us and I know you iOS people had that long ago, but this is for android that never had the chance to get those stuff really.
It wouldn't affect your servers in anyway so just leave my complain alone
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Re: Revival Chests

How long till we can log back in (reset once after chests were gone now everyone was kicked out)
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Re: Revival Chests

My opinion.
1. The chests should have been removed at this point in time due to many complaints
2. The players must be kept updated on the process of these chests and the opportunity they will get to possibly obtain them due to the fact they have bought platinum but not the chests yet
3. The new World should be able to have the chests remaining for a while as it is a new World.
4. Both sides of the argument are equal. But listening to many of the older players quick negative responses has caused an immediate pause in the process of these chests
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Re: Revival Chests

Total bull crap.. player feed back really??? These chests were a great idea as we've had months of crappy chests.. everyone was buying and excited how much money did u guys bring in in that short period they were available? And the others who didn't get a chance to purchase any your just pissing off..

Why is it some things you guys run and listen too from small groups, but others like the level lock stuff and lag issues which 90% hate otm just ignores and ignores.. I quit this game once recently came back now I'm starting to realize why I quit the first time this is ridiculous..

Re: Revival Chests

Why should only old players have old fashion or mounts? It doesn't have a positive impact on the actual toon apart from looking good. If there is all the different types of fashion is in chests the likelihood of anything rare actually dropping is still low enough to keep items rare. But at least this could give people a chance to acquire old fashion which they missed out on before.
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Re: Revival Chests

Superbowl37 wrote:I disagree I think these chests were a great start to the new platform update and should most def be brought back. Idk where this feedback of removingcame from unless it was fashion hoarders but it shouldn't be removed. These are pixels of data people, let others have an opportunity at them instead of having to pay 10m for something!

I completely agree.

I have a better idea. Put all items in shops ingame, let us buy all fashion pieces for tokens!
Even better idea! Let us have armor-quest shops, which we can trade in new tokens and hassle-free get all the upgrades we want!
An even better one! Let us have a mordris shop, necro shop and gelebron shop, new tokens again!

Give the new players a chance instead of having them to spend years hunting for certain items some of us did.

Meh, just have us customize our toons from the customization screen, and let us all just add whatever armour/items/mounts we want.

All will be equal :)

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