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Re: Morrigan Buying/Selling/Auction Thread!

pigman wrote:update for sale

70/30 blue broom
80/50 dragonstaff
95/40 wings
flaming necro77
sparkling pict
skel charm
black party hat
tor caith charms
boggan charms
tree charms
stragem dps set lvl 150

How much for stargem set?
Kyuubirouge - Morrigan - 200 Rogue locker
Reddit - Morrigan - 223 Druid slayer
Subreddit - Morrigan - 200 Ranger locker
JackRebbit - Morrigan - 215 Druid
Hachibirouge - Morrigan - 190 laziness solution rogue
Oshawott - 130 going nowhere

Re: Morrigan Buying/Selling/Auction Thread!


Wyldshrine Amulet of the River: +150 focus, +150 vitality, +1000 energy, +50 health/tic, +70 energy/tic, level 150 required. PM me with offers. Will trade for strength + dexterity version.


Silverweb charms and rings for Druid
Osan or Parandi rings for Druid
Energy sigils
Morrigan: Avalon (Yes, I'm still playing)
AwsomeO: 227 Druid
Hyperbole: 200 Rogue

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