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Don't BandWagon On Alliance Hate Train

I'm pretty sure by now that every one knows the Lugh clan, Alliance, from what you heard from your clans that your in is that it is a bad clan and it is ruining the server, when its really not. The clan Alliance is really good, i have joined it under level thanks to a friend, and after just being a couple of days in there it is really good, the opposite from what i heard from most other players. For a couple of reasons, unlike some other clans clannies don't make you pay for quest armor, i have gotten my mind tabs of obsidian for free, and i already have most of my frost orbs from them, that alone just saved me almost 300k, and all you need to do in return is just look for bosses and call them and just kill them with your clan for other people to get the drops you need, simple best part is there is no small print, just being with the clan alliance and if you see a boss up there will be people waiting there to help you (unless there lxing or camping a dragon lord boss), and there are a lot of nice clan members that was alts for you to level with. Unlike what most people think they do not try to buy you so far people have lent me a couple of Aggy and items from bosses to use to level with, for example a godly firefang ring, and some rings from this event.
Lets get to the most important part why do people hate Alliance, well its really a bandwagon for the same way people hate donald trump, because someone they look up to dosnt like donald trump, and you will naturally be influenced, and who is it that hates Alliance in your of course its the chieftain and the generals, why because many high level players are leaving there clan to join alliance, that makes them hate alliance, because they cant take down dragonlord bosses ect.. and alliance doesn't roll for the drops because it does not have to since the clan can perfectly survive on the server with out other clans, but the other clans have to work together. so just because your clan leader and generals hate alliance and tell you radical lies about them don't listen to them because they are just mad they cant take down Magister Sketch.

Re: Don't BandWagon On Alliance Hate Train

I could say a few things about alliance I experienced myself, but wont tell them here. If you like to know what, whisper me in game :).
Good luck there and have fun!
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Re: Don't BandWagon On Alliance Hate Train

Awsome, sounds like the main part why you like that clan is because of that lame Questitems they been givin you free... Congratulations bro, never thought that clans do that..

At the end its your opinion, but there is many people who quit Lugh because of your magister killer clan, they will have a different opinion and not only talk about drops or boss calls.

You have your opinion, they have theirs. Just accept it
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Re: Don't BandWagon On Alliance Hate Train

ILikeRamen wrote:Lol. What do you know? You're a lvl 120 rogue. You suck at playing rogue too. Probably got tips off your clannies.

Epona's #1 Tank (arrogant but true)
Dilvar (lvl 222) no Alts.
Chieftain of Anarchy since years.
Life is beautiful cause you are in it (looks in mirror)

Re: Don't BandWagon On Alliance Hate Train

Nice to know nothing has changed here...
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Re: Don't BandWagon On Alliance Hate Train

While still pondering why a post like this is needed, let me clear up some fallacies and flaws in your logic. I have no idea what clan/ clans you have been in the past but if have to pay for drops this is something new, as both pre and post Alli drops are shared both within and among clans- yes some drops can be bought, but not all in order to receive. As for calling for help on bounties, quests or bosses- this is common for all clans and others on friend lists- not just something Alli does. I'm gonna just let the Trump reference just stay with you, but will address the accusations of other clans spreading lies and going out of their way to smear Alli. If there are Chiefs/Generals who we doing these things you are inferring, please let me or your Chief/Generals know, as Chief of Hobbs-I am confident none of these are coming from us. Lugh changed a while ago and we are trying to change with it, the last thing we need is posts like this to fan the flames.
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