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Balor Guide

For those who are interested on joining here, here are most frequently asked questions answered.

Prices for plat stuff?

SKs - 3k-4k
SC - 7k-8k
hastes - 2k
every other heroics - 750g-1k
restos - 100g-150g
idols - 80g-100g
Chests - 15k. may be higher at start of event
sigils - 3k per crate

Fashion - As i dont collect fashion prices are foreign language to me! But its up to individual.

I *highly recommend* everyone to download BAND, search BALOR and join our Auction house as well as Q&A and general chat! This is a very useful tool that the server uses.

Clans? There's Aequbrilium and Elysians that can do DLs. DivineGlory is approaching tho! Like a lot of servers there is two clans conflicting but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy Balor!

Bosses? We can comfortably kill any DL boss and Aggragoth. Also Hrung is downed regularly. Mordris we are close to killing, managed to get it to 3% so we are close. Who knows, maybe by time you come here, you may find us walking around the castle proudly showing off its decapitated head around!

Don't be afraid to hit me up in game! IGN is Deebaws. If I'm *not* busy I will definitely help you as long as your not begging for free items. if I got spare stuff I will give. Any questions you may have PM me over here or in game

Re: Balor Guide

im a lvl 183 ranger on balor and i got the account from.someone im new to balor i need help in what to do who to join i dont speak russ xD id like to join a end game clan i have full dl but no lux at ALL and i could barely kill a lvl 146 3*7 dragon elder

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