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Re: Whats worse energy consumption? Mage or Druid?

Druid has an higher energy consumption in general.

It comes down to skill cooldown though. I don't know about druids, but at least I can tell my experience as a mage. With a 20% firebolt redcution item I dont have items mid-fight to use sigils, or I have to interrupt my spell casts intentionally and stay back for a few seconds.
This is why it requires a mage (I think) to be on an energy lix all the time.

I think druids have a brief moment in their skill loop to sigil. Correct me if I am wrong.

Re: Whats worse energy consumption? Mage or Druid?

I've tried going through an osan fight without letting my sigils tick, while using e lix. At 12k ish energy the regen doesn't come close to covering my e consumption and I have to sigil several times (4165 e per tick). 246 energy from firebolt, 619 from firestorm, 490 from shards, 348 from attune, and 246 from lure.

I haven't bothered calculating, but I'd imagine I use about 20-25k energy per 3 minute period. It was much easier to keep my dps druid's energy up because there was sufficient time inbetween casts to sigil
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Re: Whats worse energy consumption? Mage or Druid?

I don't stop and wait for sigils and I cast and recast eshield a fair amount during a fight and never run out of energy on a hero lix. Not spamming pots either.

Been leveling a Druid recently and have had pretty constant energy problems for a long time. Swarm is horrible for this. Full heals seems a ton better on energy than dps with swarm, even factoring in breath.

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