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Epona Biggest Jerks

Hey! List the meanest most evil people in epona, those that you can't help but avoid o.o I'll do a few

1. PrettyDia
2. WarriorHD
3. Lufia
4. Lovelyasian
5. Levy

These people are so mean I can't stand to be online when they are!!!

(For those that don't get it + moderators, this is a joke, these people are wonderful)
Washed up Epona rogue that doesn't play
225 Rogue Toothpick
215 Warrior Anubis

Re: Epona Biggest Jerks

Should add me here. Whenever I'm online, I just sit in the arena killing noobs or scamming people.

I also enjoy KSing mord and necro and logging out with the loot.

PM me and I will do my best to help you with whatever you need.

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