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Hey Lugh, been awhile... What happened?

Hey everyone! I'd like to start this post by saying that I have missed y'all a lot. Just been really busy irl after my promotion at my job. Had little time for gaming and that couldn't be involved with logging on to camp a boss for an hour plus to kill and roll then proceed to camp another for an hour plus after. I truly wish I had more time, not for the game so much but for the people I gained relationships throughout my time in this game.

Recently I've found some time to at least get back and scour the forums and I've been slightly disheartened by what I've come across. Seems lugh has slightly changed from the glory that it was as far as fair gameplay amongst all. I'll admit that I don't know the full circumstances that possibly brought it to this but it seems that there is a rift among the players in Lugh that was once always resolved through mature discussions and a general conscientious to keep Lugh as a fair server that allowed all to equally participate and have a chance at furthering their toon regardless of allegiances. Though much of my distraught may come from the fact that I, along with others, worked towards building the community with everyone's best interest at heart. I guess most of my pain comes from seeing players that once worked and played together as friends are now at each other's throats. I'd ask "What happened?" but I can see from the past topics that it'll only possibly cause further arguments with little to actually resolve them. I only hope that maybe these circumstances have been resolved and Lugh is still in its glory days of being the community server that it was.

I hope to return soon and be more active in hopes of recreating what was once the unique server that is Lugh. I wish I could make a guarantee but alas I can't. My job is always gonna be busy. More than anything though I hope Lugh can remember what was built upon its server and go back to the fairness that it was. I look forward to seeing everyone in game soon and hope that I have not been forgotten.

All in all though I have truly missed all of you. Some special mentions though will be: Roger, Longcool, O8O, Waio, SanDPants, Sabre, Akbar, Artio, Vulture, Cecil, Randall, Callu, Calla, Lukov, Elle, Dulci, Ade, Reytch, all the "Dragons", Yoshi, Smart, and so many more that I apoligize to if I didn't mention you by name, I do remember you and you know who you are that remembers me. I hope to see y'all in game soon and truly hope that everyone will remember me and remember what Lugh was built upon. We will always be different and leave all other servers asking "Wait... What... How does this server work?..." and "Can I join your server?"

P.S. Roger and 8, I expect automatic membership to Virus when I log back in. You know you can't say no! RIP Aftermath...
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Re: Hey Lugh, been awhile... What happened?

Welcome onboard Virus Max!

That didn't take very long :)
Thank You for all your kind words here. 
You've brought back so many awesome
memories my brain is flabbergasted!
Strange how you've picked today of
all days to pass by.  I said in clan not very
long before you logged, how you came
around on update, joined with us in Ancients,
then never seen you since. 
So the second i saw you there, i couldn't
wait to speak to you.

Glad you're back with us Max,
See you soon!
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Re: Hey Lugh, been awhile... What happened?

Welcome Back Maxee!

I will send you an invitation to Virus the next time I see you but, I suspect someone may beat me to it :D

Good to have you back my friend.

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Re: Hey Lugh, been awhile... What happened?

And all the roads we have to walk are winding
And all the lights that lead us there are blinding
There are many things that I
Would like to say to you but I don't know how
Because maybe, you're gonna be the one that saves me
And after all, you're my wonderwall

...miss you so much Max...
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