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Re: Gwydion's Forum Participation Dwindling

Lol Q been a while since heard one of your "wordy" posts :D
Everyone used to use forums to buy and sell items, but all have so much stuff it's too much to list unless you are kril trying to get rid of last years back stock ;)
Let's start a gathering everyone take a seat and I'll start,
My name is Malicious and I'm a Celtic heroes addict, have been now for 2-3 yrs I forget when, I'm on the first step! Lots more to go :)

Re: Gwydion's Forum Participation Dwindling

Hello, my name is Kril G, and i am a CH addict.

"Hiii Kril."

Thank you. I started playing in 2012 just a few months before the world ended, as the Mayan calendar ran out.

Now, i turn to CH as a diversion from living in the aftermath of the earth's demise.

Thank you
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