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Furyion's Ice Mage Guide(Updated 2017)

Hi im furyion and i noticed we dont have an ice mage guide so i made you all one. I will start with a little information about our class. The mage is a high damaging class, but we have less armor then other classes, and we specialize in casting spells. The ice mage in particular is specialized in burst damage, dealing high amounts of damage in a short time. Ice mages are best at getting locks on bosses, and leveling. Follow this guide and youll be a force to be reckoned with ;)

I also colorcoded my guide.
Green is a must!
Orange is something to consider.
Red is what you should avoid.
(Note, i thought yellow was too hard to read so i decided on orange :) I also do not include all abilties/skills, only the ones worth noting)


Your most important stat as a mage, put as many points in this as possible. It increases your energy, but most importantly every spell you will use is based on focus so focus will improve your spell power.

Your second most important stat as a mage, don't use too much but don't use too little, this stat affects your health. My recommendation is that you use just enough health to survive because any points that aren't in vitality could be in focus improving your power to kill faster, getting hurt less, and getting more xp leveling as well.

This stat you want to avoid. It increases attack by 1 and defense by 2 per point. Attack is useless as a mage as our spells are affected by ice magic. Defense is decent, but health is better then defense.

Never put a stat point into strength. It increases damage with physical damage type weapons, but as casters we have no need for this.


Ice Magic
Your most important abilty, it increases your spell power with ice based skills, and their chance to hit aswell. Always have this abilty maxed, it is very important.

Warding, Fortitude, Vigour, Willpower, Reflex
These are nice abilities to have maxed, though not necessary.

Warding=Chance to dodge instant damage spells

Fortitude=chance to dodge instant damage non-spell skills

Vigour=chance to dodge damage over time skills

Willpower=chance to dodge spells that weaken your stats

Reflex=chance to dodge spells that affect your movement

Skills do the most damage so its nice to have evasions to them. Best part is that its like extra defense but doesnt hurt your dps :D

Wand, Novelty
Wand abilty will help chance to hit with wands, Novelty will help your chance to hit with novelty weapons. As casters we don't really auto, but if your weapon has a proc skill or decent auto damage then you should(unless you are planning on freezing your enemies).


Ice Blast
This skill is a must! It's strong and fun too. It deals good damage in a BIG area(8 meters compared to firestorms 6 meters :mrgreen:) One IMPORTANT note though, since its area of effect is so big you have to watch your fire, you may accidently hit more enemies then you can handle.

Ice Shards
Also a must have skill. It deals good damage to a single enemy. You can cast about 2 ice shards in the time of 1 ice blast.

Ice Attunement
An important skill right here. It adds damage to both your ice shards AND ice blast! One note though, you should try to avoid death with this skill, it takes a minute to cooldown in order to use it again. This is better then before though, it used to be 2 minutes.

Ice Lure
If mages didnt have this we would be pretty weak :lol: It decreases the enemies elemental resistance to ice(their armor towards ice in other words) This skill is amazing because it can take the enemies resistance to 0 to deal any ice spells max damage range. It usually doesn't drop a bosses resistance to 0 however, but it still helps a lot.

Energy Shield
This skill gives you a shield of magic that protects a certain amount of damage. It is useful with no/low vit builds for survival purposes. It is a nice skill.

This skill freezes your enemy for 12 seconds(less in pvp) and they are unable to move or attack. They do unfreeze though if the time runs out or if they take damage.

Energy Boost
This skill will give you energy per tick, EVEN IN COMBAT. It is a nice skill to save money leveling/bossing, because if it is a high enough level it will be good enough to support you without needing a energy elixir to keep your energy up.

I would say you shouldn't get this skill, but its hard to say no to more damage. It does less damage then a good ice shard and takes 30 second to do so. It is a damage over time spell. One more note about it, if you are at a boss and 2 people have frostbite only one can work, a higher level frostbite will cause a lower level one to be resisted.

For gear you want stuff that will make you real strong. Damage is key as a mage. Wear anything that will improve your spells, below i have a way of deciding which gear is best. Look for these in your gear in this order

Lv 1-120 Skill Points > focus > direct skill damage increase > ice magic > health > armor

Lv 120-180 Skill Points > direct skill damage increase > focus > ice magic > health > armor

Lv 180+ Direct skill damage increase > focus > ice magic > health > skill points > armor

Additional note, if your at a situation comparing ice magic to focus i always pick ice magic if its a equal to or better ratio then 4 focus per 10 ice magic.

Also make sure you max your damage skill's levels with gear before anything else. After they are maxed anymore skill points are useless

I will suggest a few notable items/tips/suggestions gearwise.


Level 50 a focus crown is helpful to own

Level 60/80 quartz/diamond armor is very good

The level 130 ice bear bear helm adds a whopping 400 ice magic, which is nice. There's also the silver web helms that add ice magic which are good too, for a verity of levels.

Ancient beastbone bp and pants add ice shards/blast. Wear it over dl.

Hrungnir helmets for ice shards are great, and you can use them for a long time(til the very end of endgame).

Occult is better then ancient beastbone, but should be worn with it to boost ice skill damage even further.

DG armor should be worn over any edl you are stuck wearing. And the full set should be used if you have it.

The only good dl pieces are gloves boots and offhand, and the only edl pieces useful are the boots and offhand. This is because the beastbone/occult and hrungnir helm is better for damage. Don't wear the set unless you don't have the above(the boost isn't worth it), unless it's the DG set.


The rare drop wands are good to use for the time being(the focus and skill+ ones, the exile/lizard king wand, the frost wands)

At lv 50 use a masters grimore

At lv 100 get a focus of the seer, and consider a freezing mount(stormskimmer or nightflyer. Info comparing the 2 is on the bottom of the post.)

At lv 110 get a aggy grimore of ice(or health if you can't find)

Lv 130/150 upgrade your aggy grimore if possible.

Lv 150 get a focus of the mystic.

Now we run into a problem. The hrungnir skull gives more dps then a grimore, but increases energy cost(more casting), and also counters the idea of ice mages. If you can handle the energy issue then it would be best to use it. If not or if you want to go for bigger hits instead of faster ones stick with the grimore.

Lv 180 upgrade to dragonlord offhand OR lv 180 focus grim from shop.

Lv 180-190 obtain a mordy grim if you don't plan on using skull. Preferably focus+vit+ice magic ones.

Lv 200 get a lv 200 focus offhand grim.

When you can, get the edl grimore.

Lastly, get a ice blast gelebron wand.

To save costs you can skip some of these(personally I never bought a lv 150 or 180 offhand, and I still use a void aggy grimore).


Ice mages being the lucky ones, can use ice blast rings pre60. So use a +4/5 blast+attune ring set.

Lv 90+ silverweb rings/charms get good so search for these.

Lv 100... There's 2 ammies I think are good. The Samhain 600 energy shield one(conserves hp/emergency button and gives focus), and the skyglass twilight ammy(90 focus+150 focus buff, can cast attune during this time to effect attune the whole 3 minutes) I also like the lv 100 skyglass focus bracelet because it has focus and this 150 focus buff as well.

Lv 120, aggy bracelets are a must have. They add so many good stats, +5 ice shard +75 focus or vit, +250 ice magic.

Lv 150, the skyglass upgrades are good lux, and 2 other ammies are pretty good, the zephyr ammy(skill is nice), and the unhallowed venom ammy(200 focus and poison dmg skill).

Lv 180-190, the ice blast mordy bracelets are really good, because most gear doesn't come with ice blast points. And necro ice magic rings offer the great bonuses of focus+vit+ice magic(we are lucky, fire is stuck with dex) so get these if possible. And the necro cast reduction braces are nice so if you can get a good one it's worth it.

Lv 190/200, you can decide between silverweb or the cast reduction charm. Both are pretty good, but reduction is more dps in the end I belive.

Gelebron rings... Are like better silverweb rings, use those if you can obtain them.

Personally IF I was endgame and I had unlimited gear to choose from this is probably what my gear setup would look like.

Full DG armor, edl offhand, void gelebron wand, godly hoarfrost necklace, godly ice cast reduction charm, godly necro blast brace, godly mordy blast brace, 4 godly gele rings.

Now all these notes on gear is stuff I observed in my time playing, and my assumptions on tower content with how the gear would play together. There may be a few things I missed but I think I got most of it. Feel free to leave any suggestions and you will be properly credited.

Skill Point Distribution
For this section i will give percents for how much a skill should be maxed.

PvP Build
Ice Blast - 100%
Ice Shard - 100%
Ice Attunement - 100%
Ice Lure - 50-100%
Freeze - make sure the skill can freeze up to 20 above your level.
Energy Shield - Your remaining points.

PvE Build(Leveling)
Ice Blast - 100%
Ice Shard - 100%
Ice Attunement - 100%
Ice Lure - 50%
Energy Shield/Freeze - Your other points.

Bossing Build
Ice Blast - 100%
Ice Shard - 100%
Ice Attune - 100%
Ice Lure - 100%
Frostbite - 100%
Rest up to you.


In pvp you should use your attacks in these steps
1. Cast Energy Shield
2. Cast Ice Attunement
1. Cast Freeze
2. Cast Ice Lure
3. Cast Ice Blast
4. Cast Ice Shard
5. You most likely won but if you didn't you can run a little and repeat steps 1-5

For leveling never stand in one spot, always try to be active and doing something productive while on your elixir. Also watch your back, you never know when a enemy may be within your range they may attack you at a very bad time if your not careful.

For more xp you can take a near dead enemy, and lure them over to a new enemy you want to start and shoot a ice blast. Youll kill the one enemy(usually) and start the next at the same time. Saves time = more xp = less elixirs used.

Pop a energy elixir and throw all your dps fury at the boss :lol: Be sure to avoid area of effect attacks though, they will kill you easily. With practice you should know when the boss is about to use one though.

Additional Info
Freeze staffs are great! There is 2 types currently. The arctic stormskimmer and the exalted nightflyer. Both can freeze to an unlimited level and both use no energy. But there are key differences. The stormskimmer has health regen, the nightflyer DOES NOT. The nightflyer has 200 armor+resist elements, the skimmer has nothing. The nightflyer also casts INSTANTLY, the skimmer takes 1 second. So I think the nightflyer is better, but both are an honor to own.

Sigils are not required if you use energy shield and energy boost.

Thanks for reading :mrgreen:
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Re: Furyion's Ice Mage Guide

friddoo wrote:incorrect about fortitude, it increases evasions with physical damage which is basically pummel, and all skills that have a fist when they hit like the firbolg skill, Wrath of Bolg?

What I said was correct. Fortitude is instant damage non spell skill evasion. Like pummel, giant swing and stuff like that. I said non spell because say a firebolt is instant damage too, but that goes by warding.
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Furyion - 191 Ice Mage
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Lavalord - 60 PvP Warrior
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Re: Furyion's Ice Mage Guide

^I think that u saying 'instant dmg' is what confused it, it didnt mean instant skills, but just a skill that instantly does dmg (unlike DoT skills).

I am wondering about one skill, Frostbite, it does dmg instantly then a DoT, Rupture for example is under Vigour, is frostbite the same?
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Re: Furyion's Ice Mage Guide

Chepi618 wrote:Who and where is the Ice Magic trainer (new to the game) Thanks in advance!

It's been a really long time for me, but i think its highshore village(pretty sure there was a ice magic guy there) or the castle(most abiltys can be learned there).
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Furyion - 191 Ice Mage
Stonelord - 100 PvP Warrior
Lavalord - 60 PvP Warrior
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Re: Furyion's Ice Mage Guide

Chepi618 wrote:Who and where is the Ice Magic trainer (new to the game) Thanks in advance!

U should get that when u follow the questline as far as I remember.
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