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Hello everyone,

What do you guys think about the tower update?
I think it is great so far. Everything has a smooth design and the developers did a really good job on the mobs :)
Did anyone else notice the greek-styled elements on Bridge of Despair? Example: ARTEMIS the vain, Sentinel EPSILON, HEXhounds. :3
Overall it is a good update!
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Re: Tower

I think the tower update was the most successful so far, because Ive seen quite a few things OTM has listened to and fixed. Also, 189-190 took me 24 combos, 191-192 will take me only 8 combos (if I were to start from 0 exp, considering I get like 1.5 bars per combo or so).
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Re: Tower

Legislative wrote:quite decent but made the efford we spend in reach 190+ w out tower to nothimg hehe

You knew they were adding in new areas with higher mobs, if you didn't want to waste your time you should have just waited for the update

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