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DPS Questions

I am a lvl 134 Druid wondering how I can make a switch to DPS from hybrid. I would enjoy not rellying on others to level.
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Rings: 5 e per tick, +3 lightning, +4 Howling, and +5 breath

Not sure on specifics but running 2k hp 3k e

Skills: Max Touch, Storm, Lightning, Vines, and rest into Embrace

I have 450k and other money to work with, suggestions on what to change to solo level would be appreciated.
Thank you

Re: DPS Questions

Hello, I will try to make this as direct as possible. Feel free to reply to this with questions or explanations!

Skills (fill in this order): Strike, Vines, Storm, Winds, Touch

- Use a totem as your mainhand, Meteoric Totem is better even than the phoenix. Also try and get an Axe offhand. You will want to auto attack the mob up close along with skills.
- Try and get Grand (or better) Natures Touch braces (from 150 event rock). They add defense that will help you with a winds build.
- Get a ring besides the +5 Breath.. Natures Touch, Shrive/Spirit (for defense), Storm/Strike/Vines.. not breath.
- Try and get a better energy regeneration ring, but sacrifice the energy for one of the above rings if you can.
- Use gear that give you Defense, a batseye(?) charm I believe would be a good choice. The imperial has a 130 req and adds 200 defense (You want at least 400)

Besides that, you should be good! Soloing as a druid is awful, so don't have high expectations ;)

Use Super Knows (Or combos if you wish to spend the extra money) and a Heroic Energy Elixir.

I wish you the best!
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Re: DPS Questions

5ynergyDruid wrote:No strength? So what I'm thinking is im gonna sell the focus and rod to get an axe and aggy trident then sell tali and get the Yule focus one. Also I'm getting new rings soon.

Do not use an aggy trident. You don't have spear ability. Just use a totem and axe. No you don't need str.
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Re: DPS Questions

I aucattly leveled with aggy book and axe in haste lix..so fast kills :D

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Re: DPS Questions

Well... since I've been using dps to level and boss recently, and it has been working proficiently, i wouldnt mind sharing my ideals. and theyre very simple!

First off, max all those attacks, all of them!
I use a maxed strike, storm touch, vines, and swarm; all damage skills are essential of course! If you have rings it makes it even better! the rest of your points may go into a skill of your choice, i use natures touch so i can still heal myself and others at bosses due to other druids having better buffs.

My stats are just enough vit to get 2k hp and the rest is in focus!

my lighting hits around 3k aswell as my storm touch; my vines do around 1-1.5k and my bees do somewhere around 500-600 damage, its poision so not much can resist bees! (evasions are different!)

Hopefully this is helpful for you and your dps needs!

IF you're planning on using some strength and double attack, I don't suggest it due to a very slow totem speed. You can haste but I'm talking cheap dps here! all i need is one energy lix, which costs 1k a piece, and I'll make profit off the boss for being dps and part of the kill group (depending on amount of people and the boss)!
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