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Clans of Gwydion


The following views are all opinionated based on my observations and interactions...Enjoy :)

Gwydion, currently, has 4 main clans: AcidWarriors, TheOne, Elite, Solitaire. I suggest we leave it at that.

Chieftain: Sodron
1) Possesses unmatched DPS power
2) Extremely loyal to their clan. Only a few has left this clan.
3) Although not sure, i can say that drops are freely given out to those who need them.-yes within the clan only-
4) Are significantly involved in Red Boss runs and Falgren runs.
5) Acids are something i would call a man-clan. They are mostly male and may behave "openly" at times. The existing female members,however, are sweet and friendly.
6) They hold no regrets in KSing those they think deserves it and this holds true today as well. However, it takes some serious irritation to get on the hit-list.
7) Over all, this clan has a balance of friendship and power.

Chieftain: Krig
1) Possesses a fairly even balance of all classes. This clan has it both: quality and quantity.
2) Well organized in battles and conduct. Enriched with determined players.
3 )As per my research, although TheOne may seem hostile and "mean" to outsiders, they are caring and calm within the clan.
4) When many asked whether they could join this clan, the response was, "Get to 90 and we shall talk"
5)This clan contains many alternate characters, almost all fully equipped with wardens or better. This has been the cause of some arguments as well.
6)This clan was inactive for the past 3 weeks or so. However, most have been coming back since update is around the corner.
7) Drops are evenly passed to those who deserve in a well-organized manner. Some devoted members are said to not keep any drops for themselves, but give for the benefit of the clan.
8) Claims of KSes were placed on this clan aswell. (I am not providing any confirmation on this claim)

Chieftain: Gaby
1) This clan was one of the top dogs back in the days before the arrival of TheOne and progression of AcidWarriors.
2) Possesses many elite members who were determined to get to the 90s before anyone else in the game. (This was months ago)
3) Once worked well with it's sub-clans such as EliteJunior and Bloodgrove
3) Are currently down with significantly few active members.
4) Those who are active, currently spend their time leveling and preparing for update.
5) This clan contains all the Beta-Testers representing Gwydion, thus contributing to much of the inactiveness.
6) As per my research, members are said to regroup and reappear once update is launched.
7) Have faced many accusations and desertion of members. But, currently runs smoothly under the leadership of Gaby.

Chieftain: LadyDiamond
1) Along with Elite, this clan was one of the pioneering clans that achieved greatness at one point
2) This clan met a little downfall since last month or so due to a significant number of inactive members and members who left.
3) Alike some other clans, level restrictions do not play a large part in recruitment. As per its motto, friendship and good conduct is valued more here.
4) Drops are shared freely to those who needs an those who are available at that time.
5) Does not do much clan-only runs currently due to differing times of logins and -once again- inactive members. However, members are often included in boss runs with other clan members.
6) Contains several devoted members whose progression has been commendable.
7) Moreover, the existing members are happy to be neutral.
8) It's my clan :D

Thats all folks! PM or comment if you wish for certain stuff to be removed or added.
All critiques are welcome.
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Re: Clans of Gwydion

chieftain spelling...
great observations alure :D
World: Gwydion
Clan: Solitaire
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Re: Clans of Gwydion

Indira wrote:chieftain spelling...
great observations alure :D

Aww..17 years through life and I still didn't know that. Thanks for your feedback.
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"Everyone has the right to be stupid,but some abuse it too much!"

Re: Clans of Gwydion

absolutely the best post in Gwydions forum. Very well done Alure.

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Level: 85/88/80/80
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Clan: Solitaire

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Rogue Stats: 240Str/60Dex/30Foc/120Vit
Mage Stats: 50Str/5Dex/40Foc/200Vit

Re: Clans of Gwydion

Ah well....sad isn't it? I will try to make another one once everything solidifies. Hopefully, everyone will be One and Elite.
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"Everyone has the right to be stupid,but some abuse it too much!"

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