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Introduce yourself

Seen a few ios world's do this so why not here

So I am a rogue called Deebaws on here which I also play as druid on second device called NurseJoy. Rogue currently 112 and druid 81.

I used play as warrior on ios world Rosmerta and that I also played as mage with rogue alts. I got bored of ios drama and that took breaks which put me behind in the competitive world so I didn't catch up and I got bored therefore I quitted. I saw Celtic heroes on android on first day which I did roll as my current rogue and got to like level 30 before I took break on there for months since wasn't sure if I wanted to restart on a new world. But glad I done so now as Balor has made celtic heroes fun again for me.

Edit: No longer play here. Recommend anyone thinking of going here to go else where while you can
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Re: Introduce yourself

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