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All new players to Fingal

This is just a basic guide to the server that I think any new players to Final should read so they understand a little about the server.

1. The server is not large in comparison to ios servers however there are many people on here that you most likely will enjoy playing with and many are active everyday.

2. Just as with many other games, begging is not the best way to go about finding gold. Many of us on here have worked for our gold through playtime and selling drops or loot. We do not take kindly to people who want things without working for them. If you are asking for something, try offering a service instead such as farming certain items.

3. The top two clans as of this point are Whykicamoocow and DemiGods. I know the former sounds ridiculous but trust me, they are far from it. Both of these clans are similar in their rules and if you are to join one, I would advise thoroughly understanding the rules of whichever you choose. Both do not take kindly to greedy or lazy people.

4. When starting off, contact a player named zyz and he will give you a free elixir to help you on your journey. ;)

5. Always have fun and don't take anything that people say too seriously. Its just a game.

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