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Draw your Heroes to win 500 Platinum!

Fancy winning 500 free Platinum?


Competition: Draw your favourite character(s) from Celtic Heroes - yes this can include Dragons, Goblins!

How to enter:

1. Draw your image
2. Save your file &/upload

Send in your entry:

Post on Forums here (do not include username, world - we will pm the winners for details if the winning entry resides on the forums)
Or via email competitions@onethumbmobile.com and include the following:
Image with text

Prize: 500 Platinum to winning entry

Deadline for entries is end of Sunday 16th March 2014.
1 winner will be announced on Thursday 20th March.
Inappropriate doodles will be removed!
In the event of duplicates, the first of the duplicates will be the accepted entry.
General Terms and Conditions apply

N.B Additional prizes may be extended depending on volume and quality of entries.
Terms of Service, Policies and Procedures: http://celtic-heroes.com/support/

Re: Draw your Heroes to win 500 Platinum!

there will be one winner? well the person above me is winner....
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Re: Draw your Heroes to win 500 Platinum!

heres mine

sorry if its a bit blurry ill try to take a pic with my mobile later and post it so it wont be as blurry
btw its me with full hunter.
Celticheroes.jpg (143.15 KiB) Viewed 8435 times
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