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How did YOU choose your world/server?

Mine has a kinda interesting story about my choosing of the server. So, I had my friend over in 2011 summer and I found this app on the app store. I was like ,"Hey, wanna get this and play it?" He said yeah, so we made accounts. When we got to the choose server part, we were stumped on what to choose. I then remembered reading a book earlier that month called Nicholas Flamel: The Alchemist. The book had this island on it where all these immortal beings clashed and puny mortals watched, and the island was called DANU Talis, so therefore I chose Danu as my world. What about you guys? :D
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Re: How did YOU choose your world/server?

During christmas me and 4 friends downloaded the game. We didn't know which to choose so we just chose the one at the bottom (lugh)

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