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Re: Aggy filtering

virulent wrote:I thought about a cap too but itd have to be high since next level of great items is 180's with hrung n mordris.

But you can do Hrungnir at 170, right? That could be the cap then. 140 or 145 to 170.

And if they fail or start to fail, the people they call for help get to dice if they want.

Or maybe we should just get Aggy done with the people who are online. Banning kik would probably fix our problem. 8-)
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Re: Aggy filtering

SmartOne96 wrote:To clarify, you are saying that each clan can win one drop by default and an additional drop for every 15 people from that clan at the fight. Each clan gets one roll per item and gets an additional roll for every 5 clannies at the fight. Is this correct?
How would you address clan-less people at the fight?

I like this, but I wish we could make the system as simple as possible.

Yeah, each clan would be capped with a maximum of 2-3 rolls so even if you have 50 people there your clan rep can only roll 2-3 times per item. Same goes for winnings, even if you have those 50 people there your clan can only take a max of 2-3 drops home. Clan less people are in their own clan are they not? So they can roll as if they are in their own, 1 roll, and 1 maximum drop.

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Re: Aggy filtering

Wow, much input and good ideas.

My vote would be for raising level cap to 150 and to dice you must be at start.

This is the easiest by far, and easiest to police.

I dont like the clan idea because of several reasons. 1. it is not fair to those clans thatbring the most ppl. 2. it is very difficult to police. 3. what happens when a "clan rep" is not on?

i agree that it is very difficult to dice now, and there needs to be a better way. but over complicating is asking for more problems.

Just my opinion
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Re: Aggy filtering

Do hi levels still need the drops?
I have 1-2 aggy bracelets i use different ones for different things (tanking or a bit more str),but with new stuff we get now i only ever have one equiped.also are we not taking away a bit of the strategy side of the game away from the lower levels, at the moment theres no strategy to it just a big bundle , surely they need to learn this like we had to when we killed aggy are first times, i think it is now time to let them have there go at it,yes help out if asked but should be lower levels boss know theres bigger fish out there to kill for us?
Ok 3-4 bracelets :)

Re: Aggy filtering

Venus wrote:well I have 1 aggy brace for each of my toons and 1 skill ring. Aggys gear will continue to benefit me for a long time, so long as I actually win stuff.

Even with the stuff I have, I guess I didn't consider how much I would love a +9 NT ring.

It might be fair to dice class rings based on rank. For example, toons over 170 or 180 can only dice on class based rings over +7.
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Re: Aggy filtering

Personally I would still like to have the opportunity to role my own dice (when I don’t have my boss asking me not to waste time on gaming during business hours), as the rolling is a part of the fun :D I would support the suggestion that you need to be there (in a group) from the start to be able to dice. This should be easy to agree on when starting how many groups are there and if all group members are present.
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Re: Aggy filtering

I chatted with my clan about this last night. We agreed thats its too much trouble to try and control grouping and the Clan Rep idea. What we can control is when to lock the fight and prevent people from showing up late. I suggest we somehow do a 1-2 minute countdown once 3 full groups are present. Once fight starts its locked. Whoever gets there in time can roll. It should alleviate a little bit of the chaos.

On Callu's note: Yes most of us 180+ dont really need the drops except maybe the skill rings. 99% of items i have rolled on I wouldnt use and wouldve ended up giving to clan. Im not sure how many of us would be willing to back off and let low levels roll. I will. I'll only roll items I would actually use. Therefore eliminating 1 more dicer.

Re: Aggy filtering

well, i still like getting drops. whats the point of getting high level if i cant help my alts and my friends. quite frankly, an aggy drop is my best source of income (or best items i would trade).

i am good having it be at start of battle. i would not require that 3 grps be present, or any countdown - hard to police. if a grp starts prematurely, they will wipe out then everyone who showed up can join. if they dont, then they deserve the kill.

i would keep the level at 140 (120 for druids) - that is the standard for all our bosses.

also keep in mind, our fair and consistent dicing methods, though unwieldy sometimes, are what makes Lugh a friendly and cooperative place.

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