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Re : Warden Oisin's Bow for Ranger.

Hello everyone from Celtic Heroes Forum Community. :D

I would like to know if there's anyone who could fill me in and the rest of the Ranger community here regarding the Stats of "Warden Oisin's" Bow?
It'll be great if there's a Screenshot of it too. ;) I'm curious on its Piercing Damage, Attack Speed and it's Dexterity Requirement of this Bow. ;)
Thank you in advance to anyone who knows and post about it here. Godspeed everyone. :D

Yours Sincerely,
LoN3Wolf from World : Arawn. :D

:lol: And Hello! to you Xellaya!~ :lol:

Re: Re : Warden Oisin's Bow for Ranger.

Heyyyho groupy, clanmate and... idk. lol

I have a prezzy for you! I have a random fact of the day:

Oisin: His name literally means "young deer" or fawn, and the story is told that his mother, Sadbh, was turned into a deer by a druid, Fear Doirche (or Fer Doirich). When Fionn was hunting he caught her but did not kill her, and she returned to human form.

Awesome, isn't it? Druid transforming ppl into animals - why can't I do that? :D Haha.

Selene (Mage) 134 | Xellaya (Druid) 110
Clan: Uskoci
World: Arawn

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