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Re: Public weekly Advocate meetings at the Tavern

mdimarco wrote:
Daruma wrote:Just two things I'd like to add.
First is the thursday meeting, whether it's 8 pm MST or 9 pm is pretty tough to attend to for us europeans (8 pm MST = 4 am here^^)
But no need to change times for us, saturdays works great. Just saying you probably won't see much of us on thursday^^

Second is I noticed that some of (lower lvl) members aren't really aware of our rules, especially about drops. I just witnessed two attempts at bullying/demanding drops - prevented one and solved the other - both from somewhat long-time members, who actually should know better. This makes me think that we should probably adress this more. I somehow have the impressions that certain people bully behind our backs.

Excellent catch Daruma,

Funny you should mention it, this upcoming meeting I was thinking of going over some basic (yet complex) rules that Advocate follows. I will make a new post.

I hope that this time, u will really assume what i said, if u r not gonna do serious step, u will see how the clan wont stay one of the best clans anymore
just an advice, idk want to say what i told u here but if someone from ur clan makes someone like me to want to leave twice, so i think u should do something
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Re: Public weekly Advocate meetings at the Tavern

Criminal wrote:
Napster wrote:Bro, I think you should start trying to get ur own stuff without depending on people.

says the scammer

Well yes it might not be coming from a perfect person but its true. Thats why I started advocate, so you don't have to depend on anyone but can work for your gear yourself, get help with bosses and quests from people around your level in clan and outside, and share drops with each other as much as you feel comfortable.
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