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A Chieftans suggestion to Renesans and Elementals

For bosses:

Form a group of whoever arrives first (at a good level).

Include people from all clans; Renesans, Elementals, ect.

The people who arrive later from both clans, have them support the main group ungrouped so they don't steal the kill.

Let the drops go to the clan on whom they fall, or give to the player that needs.

I'm sure you have all experienced how fun and cooperative it is when you do this, I would reccommend doing it at every boss where different clans are present.
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Re: A Chieftans suggestion to Renesans and Elementals

true, ppl dont need to get all the drops so they can help without group if they arent busy, and not every drop need to go to the clan bank

if i need something from bank, i can trade the drop or just ask, if i need gold i can save the drop for getting the gold, if i need the drop so i'll keep him, and if i dont need the drop or gold i'll just pass it to the bank

i think thats the best drop system, sometimes we need gold not only for stuff like rems and stuff that we can get them from bank, some ppl wants diamond armour and some warden

but mostly like marcus said, u need to help, even if u arent in the group, and even if u arent in the same clan, its just a game so u need to have fun during playing
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Re: A Chieftans suggestion to Renesans and Elementals

I would really love to see a response from said clans' chiefs...

I don't think this concept can work right away given the current mafia-like mentality in most clans but If we would work on that it could be a real game-changer. Maybe even making an end to this incredibly stupid rivaling-gang mentality most clans oppose on each other. I'm so disgusted by people treating me like crap because I joined this clan and not that other... I'd really enjoy to be treated more like an individual human being for a break rather than a member of crips or bloods^^

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Re: A Chieftans suggestion to Renesans and Elementals

There are some points i can see working, and some that i cant.

For starters, the whole "you can't steal our kill because we were here first" really annoys me because you could be staring at a boss' ass all day but if you don't hit it you can't claim it as "your" kill. To be honest, i'd really like to pin the 'you snooze, you lose' tail on this donkey.

As much as multi-clan groups go, it is good and all if there aren't enough players from one clan to kill a boss but, especially with elementals and renesans, we want to kill bosses with only clan members because we can't afford the chance of losing a drop we need to someone who will probably just sell it.
On that note, all drops collected by a clan goes to a bank because if we only kept drops that we needed at that point in time, it would take forever to gear people. That is why we stockpile drops.

If i see a group killing a boss I will always help them ungrouped just because i like helping people. That's me personally. If they group me, yay :) but i wont ask for group because i also dont like latecomers getting drops and being hypocritical isnt really my thing.

Lastly, if bosses are killed in a mixed clan group or somoene is called because they are NEEDED then sure, if they get a drop they can keep because they deserve it. However you can't expect someone to come in the group halfway through the fight for a quest to keep a drop. It is only fair that the people who found the boss and started fighting first deserve the drop(s).

There's my two cents as a shared leader of Renesans.

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Re: A Chieftans suggestion to Renesans and Elementals

there r some more things
but first, about the "we were here first so the kill is ours"
no its not true, ur clan did it too btw
its true, we need to get the first hit, but sometimes i hate rushing, coming with full group when we're waiting some ppl and then atking first
thats why when i see someone from elementals\renesans coming, im doing the first hit, that way u cant get the kill unless u ks
but, also the thing about drops....
sometimes u think that if u coming with more clan members to combain group, so the drop goes to u, so no its not.
its not ur kill and we're there just for helping, its 'our' kill, not only urs
its mostly happens with elementals, for example:
me and meme was in a group and he saw that woodcrown is up, we went there and waited for ppl , and then some ppl came, most of them from elementals and one of them from wulfpak
at the half kill they said me and meme at the whisper "drop goes to me", and if i knew that i wouldnt help them, cuz im there not only for the quest (well i done with woodcrown before i was there for helping meme) but also for the drop, u mostly just put this in the clan bank and dont use it, and we do use it, but u still want the drop, thats the most annoying thing that i ever saw at combain groups, its not ur kill like i said, its our kill , if for example i'll be there alone with renesans, so if i'll get drop its mine and not urs, unless u adding me cuz i said "i just need the kill i'll pass the drop', then the drop is urs, but mostly its not

and for LL, some of u thinks that if u r high lvl and u helped us the "most" so u need us to say u ty and give u drop, so no, its not like this (Shylyn if u remembar), we helped same as u helped, and sometimes even more, so if u dont want to help without getting the drop dont help, its ur lost
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Re: A Chieftans suggestion to Renesans and Elementals

Firstly thanks for telling me about that, that unfathomable shouldnt be happening in our clan.

Combined groups should still be combined groups if you call more clan members during the fight. It is a bit in the grey if you are invited while a clan is waiting for more people to come, but if you are in the original group and THEN the clan calls more people, you should still keep your drop.

And personally, if a lvl 3 calls me for stonefang i add them and let them keep the drop, even if they deal 3 damage the whole fit. They found it and still helped as much as they could.

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