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Re-Introduction (Returning)

Hello There,

Many of you most likely still remember me but I would just like to do an official introduction to The Community.
I started my journey of Celtic Heroes back in the early stages of the game. If you could go back in time to 2012 you would be able to find me in Castle wondering around and enjoying the game. I have almost 6 years of experience in the game and have learned so much about Celtic Heroes from being on forums, beta's, and playing in game. I have played on servers such: Arawn, Sulis, Morrigan, Gwydian, Epona, Crom, Rhiannon. While I have about 10 characters that are 130+ on different servers my main server has always been Epona. I once made a mistake which forced me to create a character after a character to run away from the bad reputation that mistake given to me but on the road I have learned a lot about the game works and support. I have learned a lot about Epona and its people. I have been in clans such Enigma, Blacklisted, Anarchy, Goonies, FairyTales, Underground, Wardens, Insomniacs, Pande Moanium.. and after so many years of be hated on I always stayed here. I have MANY MANY characters that are in the end game that been banned from rolling and some that are still active.

After being off the game for few years I would like to return back to the Epona as myself.. and I am sorry if I have hurt anyone.

Best of Luck,


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