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Yo! :p

Heya, I'm Little Flower from server Donn. I recently started to play, I quite like it a lot!

A little about me, ah, well I am twenty-six (soon to be 27), and I love gaming xD I am coming here from Elder Scrolls and Age of Conan. I had to sell my pc and I was wilting away with no mmo. Then BOOM I find Celtic Heroes :p

Re: Yo! :p

Hello and welcome, I am on Arawn in the clan maelstrom. Hope you enjoy Celtic Heroes. PM me if you have any questions:)
Star Shot- Ranger 100+

Sir Kendrick - Level 110 Warrior- Arawn - in need of clan
Karilios - Level 60 Mage - Arawn - In need of clan

Feel Free To PM me or talk to me on the game:)

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